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Tara N. Ehouman
Virtual Assistant in Toronto

Over 15 years administrative experience

My goal is to play a key role in assisting law firms and entrepreneurs tackle those time consuming, yet important tasks thus giving them the freedom to focus on what truly motivates them. I offer traditional general and legal office administrative services, with a methodical approach and a winning attitude.

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You can’t wear all the hats.   Let me take one.  Start delegating.

You can’t wear all the hats.
Let me take one.
Start delegating.

You know that pesky basket of laundry that you always see out of the corner of your eye every time you walk past it? You know it needs to get done. You are running out of work shirts after all. But who has the time? What if you could give that basket to someone else? Let them whiten your whites, iron out the wrinkles, fold those shirts and put them away ? Wouldn’t that free you up for more important things while filling you with a sense of relief?


The greatest factor in the success of your business is how you spend your time. That’s why I am confident that you know you need to be spending your time on what matters. Outsource those low-value but imperative undertakings to me. I want you to work ON your business not IN it. I am cost-effective and my smile is free.


I help businesses and law firms perform a variety of tasks remotely, including calendar management, email and contact management, phone tasks, travel arrangements, document management, transcription and electronic filing. This list isn’t exhaustive! If there is something you need done but don’t see on my list of services don’t count me out. Let’s explore! I am not only flexible but a quick learner.


What DON”T I do? I don’t take up space or require benefits, a desk or a window office. I don’t stand near water coolers gossiping with co-workers. I don’t come in late and leave early. I don’t contribute to the office drama. My focus is working for you.

I Offer.

Word Processing
Data Entry
Writing/Proof Reading and Editing


Email Management
Appointment and Scheduling
Diary and Calendar Management
Travel and Accommodation Arrangements


Customer Service Assistance
Online Research
File Management
Minute Taking


Clients Testimonials.

Ms. Tara Ehouman worked as a senior executive assistant for me and my firm, on a full time basis. I found her to be bright, hardworking, and pleasant (easy to work with). She handled all aspects of a senior executive assistant position professionally, and with an attention to detail. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ms. Ehouman to any legal or other business in need of high quality and reliable administrative support.

Stephen G. Ross - Rogers Partners LLP

Our local firm used Ms. Methodical for transcription services. The service was high quality and had a fast turnaround. We would definitely use them again.

Sofia Joelsson - Vasquez Law Offices

I have known Tara for 4 years and she has become an integral member of our family. She is reliable, responsible and flexible. We don't know how we would have been able to continue our day to day jobs without her support and caring personality

Monica Gunaratnam - Home Daycare Client

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